When you don’t know where you’re going…

Ever have those moments where you’re excited to accomplish something. And you see the ending goal. You are amped and excited to get started. But then you come to a road block. Something, that allows you to not move forward. You see that the end now looks a bit hazy, the past is now a bit darker, and you’re stuck wondering if this is still a good idea, or if you need to shout out for help?

I am struggling right now to figure out how to design and build this web site. If you have ever done so, you may understand the struggle, especially if it’s your first time! I have a vision that I want to share with everyone, and the end result looks hazy. So, if I gave up, how would that look to my kids? Or better yet myself? Now, I want you to put yourself in this position, say you were struggling with something you dont understand. (example: getting healthy) Would you continue to try at your lowest, and hope that something comes along the way to give you a big push? Well. As mean as this may sound, there is no “push” out there for you. Maybe, you know that, but maybe your biggest “push” is going to be within yourself. Do you believe in yourself?

If you are saying you do not believe in yourself, please ask yourself why? Have you failed yourself too many times before that you feel you will just do it again? Is it becoming a pattern to tell yourself “tomorrow”? Whatever it may be, learn to apologize to yourself. Look in the mirror and accept yourself for who you are today. You dont like it? Accept it and accept things may need to change to get where you want to go.


-Man In The Mirror Michael Jackson

It takes a lot of struggle and hardship sometimes to see what you need to do in life. Gotta stop those excuses. For me, right now, I can either quit this web page design, and leave y’all struggling, or, I can do my diligent research and ask questions from those who have done this before. I refuse to spend money on this. (this is just a philosophy in my life, more on that later) If I spend money on this site, it means it is not perfected towards me. I take it as a loss, and I am not learning from scratch, If i had a built in (or preexisting) website, it means I did not work hard enough for where I want to be. I am VERY stubborn like that, yes. But that is how I go about a lot on my plate, including my fitness journey. I never went to a gym, (not that I promote not going to the gym, it is just a fear I wish to conquer on this fitness journey) I never had a personal trainer, and I also never gave my money to something or someone that I did not believe would serve me well in this journey. (Yeah, im frugal like that, ask my husband! HA) So, I want to earn everything, and for me, most of the time, that means starting from the ground and working my way up. I truly just want everyone to have the best version of their selves, (what do I get out of it?) I get to sit back and watch you take back control of your life by being a healthier you! I get to help keep people off of medicines (not all, of course, And no, im not trying to promote, or diss anyone on medicines.) But most of all, I get to show you all how easy it is. Like you may have read in the profile I have, I dont have a PHd. or a MD in anything. (yes, I am still pursuing college!) But I have been on both sides, I have had a battle with weight here and there, I had battled with being sick all the time, I still to this day, battle with endometriosis, a pain that can really never go away). But, I can point you in the right directions, I have done studies, and that crap that takes millions of hours of research as i sat there and wondered, “is this B.S. or is this the “real thing”, not always is it so easy to read the “signs” and I can give you PROOF that recipes, cutting back (not out) certain foods, and fitness tips actually work. I have been on Yo-Yo dieting, Fad diets, the atkins diet(which is a lot like Keto), I have seen my husband battle weight when we first got together. (more on that later) And I have seen the downward side effects being overweight has on you…

So please, feel free to follow me, because I am not giving up on this D#%$ web page design, just like I don’t want you to give up on your body. Email me, reply to this, leave feedback! Just let me know your’e here for me, like I will be for you. (even if you are healthy, and just want extra advice, or looking for a comparison.)

+one disclaimer: do your research! See something I write? please look into it, spend 1 minute, search it, spend a few days, it doesnt matter. Just dont take my word for the “ultimate” tool. And honestly, this goes for everything in life. Your body and mind are worth the research.

2 thoughts on “When you don’t know where you’re going…

  1. You are simply amazing! Everything I’ve read pertains to me on some level. I believe that whatever we put our minds to,we can achieve. For only when we ‘persist’ we can ‘succeed’! I admire you for reaching out and sharing your story,,,nothing in life is easy..but..it does make it less of a struggle when one shares the similar type of journey that you share here. Thank you for this! ❤

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