Fitness Forecast Friday 01


Its Friday! Do you have your Fitness Forecast for the weekend? I am here to reveal some workout tips today that may help you throughout your weekend, and hopefully will encourage you to keep through the weeks to follow. Starting now, and forever after, I will reveal some insiders tips on how to implement some different workouts into your life.


These tips are fairly interesting because this is what I use to keep my body moving. As you may have already read, I honestly, don’t go to the gym. I wish I did, but I choose other ways to keep in shape! And here are some insiders Bathroom Tips that I use on a daily basis. (And they Work!) Studies have shown that your body will burn more calories if it keeps moving. (Well Duh!) But did you know, that when you stop moving, it actually continues to keep working. So, getting yourself ready in the bathroom (no im not talking about while your peeing, or well…. you get the idea HA!) but, while your standing still, or waiting, you can train your body to start working for you! Instead of those painful intense workouts. (Sometimes those are great and very vital to get done!) but, on a daily, who has time for those? And if you are one of the few that do, I totally envy you!! I also congratulate all you for keeping and staying fit!

TIP #1

Lunges- Yes Yes! We all know what those are! But have you tried them just alone? So, you have a toothbrush in your hand and staring at your gorgeous face in that mirror, looking at those pearly whites getting cleaned. So, while you are doing this, take 3-5 minutes, and step a foot back (considering you have the room, if not leave the door open and use some outside room) and just do a small lunge. Nothing huge or fancy. Just go down until you can feel a slight stretch, come up, and slowly (SLOWLY being key word here) do 10-20 per leg.

TIP #2

AB Twists- These are so effective! DO THEM! Here’s how: And no, Please don’t get on that dirty floor and start doing crunches! I am talking about twists. Mouthwash? Maybe your’e even in the shower waiting for the conditioner (hey, it says leave on 1-5 minutes right?) perfect time!
Breathe in deep.
Breathe out and hold. FLEX your abs. HARD!
Hands up like your’e in an octagon throwing punches.
Twist, (1 elbow touches the opposing part of your stomach (your arm should reach across your body)
Twist (1 elbow, the opposite this time, should go across the other side of your stomach)
This is 1 full count. Try to make it to 20.

TIP #3

TRICEP DIPS- Do these on your bathtub, toilet (first close the lid!) or something else about that height.
Sit on your bathtub, or toilet, and out your hands under your butt, facing towards your butt. Then, extend yourself out, so you are straight out. Your legs can be bent, if your beginning this for the first time. And just dip down, being careful to not over extend your arms or dip too low that you hurt yourself. But this will help with that flab you may find at the back of your arms. Try to get in about 5-10 of these at a time.

TIP #4

SQUATS- Yep! These are pretty self explanatory. So when you find that you can just squat, do so. (This really goes for anytime, not just the bathroom) So youre again, back in the bathroom, you find you are brushing your teeth again, and just real excited that those teeth are getting so white. But maybe you think to yourself, what else could I work on at the same time? Anyway, you just widen your stance a bit, and slowly do some squats. Maybe you can only handle doing about 10 to begin. But 10 is better than none! And you really need to remember that doing something, regardless how much, is better than not doing anything, (or just looking at that gorgeous reflection in the mirror!)

TIP #5

This is definitely a quick favorite of mine, as I can see so many different specs to doing these ones. (An excerpt about me; when I was about 12-15 years of age or so, I was diagnosed with “little league elbow”, if you don’t know what this is; you have too much cartilage in your elbow and it “flares up” if you push and strain it too much, anyway, I was supposed to have surgery, I opted out of that. I was very active at that age, doing somewhere around 50-100 push-ups every night. Anyways, I had to stop doing push-ups because of this, and have struggled to figure out an alternative) So, inclined push-ups, I have found have been immensely helpful in building the shoulders, the deltoids, the biceps, and even the back.
TO DO: grab onto the counter, make sure this will hold your weight, and its not flimsy. Step back ( a solid 3-5 steps back is good) and start push-ups. Keep your back straight. Keep your chest up. and if your mirror is right in front of you, smile! 🙂

Please feel free to share if you did these, and how it felt, or some results you have seen from it! Remember, this is for you! So don’t worry about how it looks, or not getting in enough. I am not there, you are the only one counting on you!
So put some fitness in your Forecast this weekend, and try one of these, or all of them! You might be surprised by the results ( if done enough!)

Also, I do suggest consulting a doctor before working out. And I am not a doctor, so I do not know your capabilities or if you may have any health problems or concerns.

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