Cashew Chicken and Rice

Lunch Helpers for mid week or Traveling.

I always run into a problem at lunch. Its always, what do I have. If i push off lunch, I will survive!

The problem? I never do! And always leave myself with the agonizing, “I need something quick!”

Sometimes I have a salad, but honestly, how boring can those get! Lettuce, some veggies, and then what they want to call “healthy” dressing… Sorry, but I am someone who likes to have Thousand Island.. (of course, you may be thinking, nah! FF you promote healthy!) But remember when I told you its about not feeling guilty, or dieting, but about enjoying your foods? So, lets talk portion control… And thats how we stay in shape here!.

But something else, is called not depriving yourself, so, this meal is healthy, and yes, it has white rice. But, the plate in the picture, you see, is MINE!. So, that is my portion control. I have a scoop of rice, and plenty of chicken and lots of veggies.
And don’t get me started on the nuts. With the salt in them, this brings out such a great flavor.


Great example of portion control. This pan feeds a family of 4. and we have leftovers!

Here is how it is cooked. and plated. with portion control in place.

So at FF we travel.. ALOT! and it is nearly impossible to eat out every meal on the road and stay fit, and not break the bank.

So, making a bit extra of this goes a long ways!

We cook enough rice, place it in a separate container, and reheat it that way.

Try this and let me know how it works for you! If you added anything, or tossed out something.

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