This is my Story

Here I am, Spring of 2018. I thought I was in great shape. I thought I had it right. Sure, I have a gap in my legs, I have some love handles. I was in fairly good shape. But I was not happy with who I was. I was depressed from a lot of family crap, and friends, work life. I had depression, I was looking to everything to find happiness. But fast forward to summer of 2019, and here I am, happy in my body, the kicker; I couldn’t really care what I look like, because I am legit happy! We can critique each picture, and can say how good one more than the other is. But, between you and me, I am happy. And I just want to show you that no matter where you are in life, you can be too!

You Can Find Your Bliss too!

Happiness is not something that happens over night. It is not something that can be had when your’e in a bad spot; emotionally, physically, mentally, even spiritually.

But you can find it. And you can be happy in the skin that you have. No matter where you are in life.
See, Nothing changed between those pictures above. Nothing but time and a mindset. I was following these negative people, on Facebook, Instagram, even in life. I was surrounded by negative energy and I simply didn’t know it until I started dispersing of the negativity around me. I started following people like ShaunT, Tony Horton, Will Smith.. Sure, they are real people I probably wont ever meet. I realized I wanted to help people, but I didnt know how. I was dying inside, and knew I wasnt the only person going through this.

So, when I started following the positive energies, my direction changed. My outlook on life, changed.

I didnt have to become a millionaire, I didnt have to get more money. I didnt even have to have a gym membership. But I did need to believe in myself. I started growing. With growth, took on new responsibilities to my body. I started feeding more nutrition to it, talking honestly, and with love and compassion. I stopped feeling guilty of what I ate, or when I worked out. I started looking at myself as a kind soul. And that is what came out, that is what shows today.

But I know you can do this too! if you struggle with your self image, or could just use a bit of positive vibes in your life, start following those people that lift you up. Start believing that you are hat you make yourself to be. Treat yourself with love and care. Start spending time for yourself, not in an unharnessed possessive and obnoxious sort of way, but a humble way. Be humble.

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