Building a Butt.

Men dont want bootys. So why are women squatting to build 'em?
Men don’t usually go to the gym to build bootys. So why do women think this is how its done? In this article, I will tell you some major ways to build that booty FAST! and see results you need.

Do any of y’all social media look like this? Girls getting big weight. Squatting it over and over again. Then complaining that they never see results?
That’s because this doesn’t work! In other words, you cannot work out your abs and hope to see major biceps.( and you are probably sitting, staring at this page thinking “well no shit!” ) But I’m telling you, that is exactly what so many of you are doing, and its damn near ridiculous! So, before you leave, look at this advice we have conjured up for you.

As we all know, Sir-Mix-A-Lot once rapped,

“I like big Butts and I cant lie, You other Brothers, cant deny, that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in yo’ face…”

Well you all know the rest!

Anyways, that song, although born in the 90’s, hasn’t quite phased out the meaning behind those lyrics! So I am here to debunk some mildly incorrect ways I see everyone trying to get that butt in shape.

3 reasons why your not seeing results:

#1 Squats.

Squatting is really a great workout! But unless you are doing it correctly, you are not gaining anything more than some crazy quad muscles.
You may think that squats are working the gluttes, and they are. But only a small portion of the glutes. And not enough to show you that you have some booty.

#2 Overworked Glutes

You may think that working the glutes (well any muscle for that matter) will get bigger by working it every single day. But the opposite is actually true, If you train in smaller increments, you will actually gain muscle. If you over train, you increase the serious side effects of injury or other unhealthy side effects.

#3 Not enough time between workouts

If you are spending countless hours in the gym on your gym days, you are overworking your muscles. But, if you train everyday, you are not allowing your muscles time to recover. And muscle recovery is super important for muscle growth.


This is essentially the best workout you can do to gain that booty. Unlike squats that focus on the quads, these bad boys only focus on the Glutes. You can do Bridges, or Hip Thrusts to increase your results.
In the picture, figure A; you see the starting position is with the knees bent. You can have choose to use a barbell, some free weights, or with nothing.
(personally, I choose 2x 12lbs free weights.)

Figure b; the position is of a 90 degree angle in the legs. straight up, and those glutes will be engaged!

HIP Thrusts with a band.

These are the same excersize I showed above, but with a workout band. Increased resistance (the bands) creates a more challenging excersize for the glutes to engage. As they have to work against the band in order to thrust upwards.


If you are new at working out your glutes, you will feel a soreness to them, this is normal. However, if the soreness continues for days, this can lead to overworked muscle and a long muscle recovery process. You are more prone to injury, irritability and fatigue. So your body needs to work on an overdrive-so-to-speak to make up for the muscles that are overworked.

Avoiding Injury

If you want to avoid this, you will need to workout your glutes specifically 3 times a week, and really no more than this. Also don’t think that because you are not going to work out every day, that you can “make up” for it by working more at a time.
Listen to your body! If you are new at this, you will want to start slow. Do hip thrusts 10x each for 3 sets. Maybe add in some lunges, squats should not be throw away, but implemented possibly in the sumo position. Spead those legs far apart and engage the inner thighs and the glutes by doing this move. But start slow! And dont overwork yourself. Or you will be sorry the next day.



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And I am just going to leave this here, I have gotten so much advice and gained a strong booty from this plan. If you think you want a bit more advice, or something a little extra, check this guy out, you wont be disappointed!.

Coach Brian Klepacki
Fat Loss & Core Training Advisor –

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