Anxiety; The monster that lives inside us.

Anxiety is such an extreme badass. It takes over your mind and body and literally makes you sick to your stomach. And if thats not bad enough, It comes in so many different forms, that its almost unrecognizable when it shows its ugly face.

Do you ever feel like a prisoner to this powerful disease?
Like it has taken control of your life, and your lucky if you can even make it out the door?
Or maybe you get so sick to your stomach that you vomit, or eat obsessively.

Symptom Checker

So, as you look at this chart, does any of this speak to you?

If it does, you are not alone.

I have been coping with social anxiety for years now. I hate being in a social situation.
I am a mom, I have had multiple jobs that put me in those situations. And quite honestly, if someone were to talk to me, I would quickly blow them off. I come off, even today as really stand-offish. And I would have nearly all these symptoms. It was so bad, I would make excuses to just stay home. and avoid situations all together.

That changed when I learned Focused Breathing.


We have all heard this before. Breathe, just take 5 minute time out. Just do this, or do that.

But honestly, I didnt know what any of this meant. I thought, Ok. I am breathing… But nothing is getting better.

But It needs to be a “FOCUSED BREATHING”

What the hell is that you may ask.
It means to breathe with a purpose. Add some healing thoughts inside while you breathe.
Think about “breathing out the problem”

When you feel a sense of calmness, come back to the problem, with a clear head and a changed outlook.

You may not always have the time to do this, so practice this 4 step coping mechanism at home, when you have some “ME TIME” — (Yes, you need your Me time, so make time for yourself.)

In Social Situations, take time to answer the person. Try to understand where your anxiety is coming from.
— For me, this happened way back in my childhood, My Father left, my mom was usually “too busy” and shortly after she remarried, my step father had left. I really just took this personally and didnt want to talk to anyone. Then there was terrible times at high school. (Who didnt have any of that!) But I had always thought I had this “sticker” on my forehead telling everyone exactly what happened, and who I was and where I came from.

It wouldn’t be Fitness Forecast if I didn’t touch base on this:

Think about your diet. Are you eating healthy? How about, too much caffeine, alcohol, sugars? Are you a smoker? I understand not every day has to be "healthy" but, try changing it up, incorporate veggies, or other healthy foods, and see how your body, mind and emotional state of mind change. (This wont be instantaneous, but I guarantee, if you change the way you eat, you WILL feel better!)

Its Not Your Fault…

Just understand feeling anxiety is ‘normal’ today. It has always been there, but as a society, we are shedding more light on something that is taking us for granted. Just know it is not your fault if you feel anxious.

Just really try to identify the problem. Try to cope with this. Eat cleaner, drink water, and learn to put calmness into your life.

You will feel better, it will take time. But then again, who has time to go to the Drs for this, or see a therapist two or three times a week. Take control of your body and your mind!

If you suffer from one, two or even all of these, Please reach out to your Dr. right away. As this can lead to depression, severe Anxiety, or other life-disturbers.

Do not take my advice in lieu for a Dr.s diagnosis. I am in no way a Dr. or MD. I do not have that type of degree. I have just learned and worked with many people that have come out of anxiety “ok” after doing these techniques and taking back control of their life. Please, if you are experiencing severe symptoms of an anxiety or panic attack, go see a Dr immediately.

If you like this article, look out for my other one coming soon about depression, and how it can be linked to anxiety and your diet.

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