Fall: The Season of Change

Today is the first day of Fall. And let me tell you, I can already smell the pumpkin spice lattes in the air! (I admit i have already enjoyed one this last week!) β˜•
I love the leaves changing colors and the crisp air. 🍁
The air becomes crisp, the leaves change colors, the branches become bare. 🍁

And the days get shorter. The mornings are colder. And the nights are sound, you can feel that fresh air. 🍁 And breathe it in. Chilling your throat all the way down.
Coffee, or a warm beverage and a good read. Snuggled up in a warm blanket, looking at the colorful leaves.
I’m excited for this change.
And I hope you all are too! .

The new season is upon us, and with that comes change. What a better time than now to implement a new healthy lifestyle to your routine?

What are your goals for the new season? What do you hope to aspire and achieve while we dive into the fall? I know it is probably the hardest time of year to stay fit.

Fall Is the Hardest Season to stay fit.

Here are some tips on Staying fit during this seasonal change.


#1. Climate Change

Nobody accepts change easily. And going from hot, or warm climate to cold, raining, and blustery can keep you isolated indoors. The indoors is warmer, and safer also drier from the rain. 🍁 Can we say fireplaces, cozy sweaters, and comfy socks? Just be sure to get about 5 minutes of workouts in, even if its in your own warm home! 🍁

#2 Yummy Foods

With Halloween and Thanksgiving, it is so easy to eat more treats, and sweets this time of year. But, don’t feel guilty about eating these delicious foods, just enjoy it.- and remember portion control! Just balance these out with healthier options.

#3 Not A Great Season for Natural Foods

Eating healthy right now, is a bit harder and stressful on the wallet. If you want berries, melons, corn, asparagus, or other foods that are harvested in spring and summer months. This is a good month to prepare foods with squash. Also, oranges, apples and grapes are a big hit during this time. I will post some favorite recipes of mine during these months, when you can find great produce for a fair price. 🍁

#4 Can Anyone Say PSL?

Starbucks, and other coffee joints make it a bit harder to keep healthy. With nearly 420 Calories per Grande cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte, its hard to keep the pounds off. Maybe make it a ‘skinny’ or add almond or coconut milk to replace the Whole milk. You can also make it a tall or add an espresso shot. Either way, enjoy this PSL. It only happens once a year! Just do so in moderation! β˜•


Fitness Forecast will keep current and new recipes, and fitness tips to help you through this exciting season! Portion control and moderation is what we really promote here!

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