Aspartame- the Devil’s poison.

In today’s topic, I want to take you down a road to what I believe has been made by the devil himself. I am talking about the artificial sweetener that has more hype than one should have. I’m talking about Aspartame.

Have you ever had a grinding headache that wouldn’t subside? How about even waking up and gulping those Advil, Tylenol, or Excedrin to stop the migraine from continuing?

So, we research this, trying to decode what everyone is talking about. As we hear it causes cancer, and lupus, It can cause ADHD, and so much more problems.
So, what is real? What is the Truth?

That is where, it remains a mystery. For years the FDA has been sidetracking this. They don’t want consumers to know the truth. And giving us hints and tid bits on how they are monitoring it. Saying it has hype, but not disposing why it gets this hype.

The American Cancer Society deemed aspartame as ‘safe’ after concluding that their studies of aspartame’s connection to cancer, is not existent. In such, they suggest the average daily intake should be about 8-9 mg of aspartame per day for a 132lb person. And they certainly are not justifying if a person exceeds this limit. However, as we look around, who the hell weighs 132lbs? Because we are talking diet here. We are talking people from around the world. My thoughts are, they don’t want to testify against bigger people that consume more intake per day. Am I right? So, what happens when we consume more than suggested? But they won’t go down that path, why? Because they want to blame : poor diet, poor exercise, the damn sun, the exposure of technology, they want to point the finger at anything else that “it could be” rather than justifying this problem.

“In general, the American Cancer Society does not determine if something causes cancer (that is, if it is a carcinogen), but we do look to other respected organizations for help with this”

-American Cancer Society (Does Aspartame Cause Cancer?)

Alright, so the ACS wants us to look to the FDA for this problem. That makes sense they want to treat the problem, diagnose it, and serve their patients.
We take a walk around the block to find what the FDA has to say about aspartame.

FDA scientists have reviewed scientific data regarding the safety of aspartame in food and concluded that it is safe for the general population under certain conditions. However, people with a rare hereditary disease known as phenylketonuria (PKU) have a difficult time metabolizing phenylalanine, a component of aspartame, and should control their intake of phenylalanine from all sources, including aspartame. Labels of aspartame-containing foods and beverages must include a statement that informs individuals with PKU that the product contains phenylalanine.

FDA, (additional information about high-intensity sweeteners permitted for use in food in the United States).

So, what does this mean to us as consumers?

How do we stop the battle?

Aspartame has been known for their dark and gruesome side effects.

To name a few:

⚫ headaches
⚫ nausea
⚫ seizures, dizziness
⚫ depression
⚫ And so much more…

With so many studies there isn’t enough evidence to back this up properly. Go onto any website, and you could be seeing a whole lot of made up bull-crap.
So, are we to just assume that we all have PKU?
See the full list of pharmaceutical drugs containing this agent.
(note this was last updated 2005, so it is a bit dated)- If you find a new list, send it my way!


If you, or a loved one, friend, colleague, or someone else you know suffers from any of these symptoms, try and find out what they are consuming. Because, they may not know about it.

My mother-in-Law suffers from severe headaches. As she grabs a diet soda on her way out the door, she comes back for some ibuprofen because of her headache. Hey mom, I say to her, You need to drop that soda from your diet. Start looking at other means for your caffeine intake, because the aspartame in there is causing that agonizing headache.
And as some of us know, mothers, especially those with the title “In-Law” can be so bullheaded. So she proceeded to scarf down her pills and just out the door, brushing off the information Telling me I am crazy. As she gulps down the soda with those pills.
So, if you are dealing with someone so stubborn that doesn’t want to see the facts, maybe you just cant help them. (I mean, if they don’t want it, isn’t that their life?) But look out for each other, because some people may actually want that kind of help. And just not know it exists!

Aspartame in kids products.

Advil ingredients
Childrens Advil

😈 Kids have it the worst ya know? I mean, they already have it bad, if they are sick, because, they feel like crud. But then they get this “medicine” that is supposed to take everything away and make them better. And they may have side effects, but just brush it off, because they associate them with the sickness, and never really speak up. (or if they do, parents may even associate the side effects with the sickness) So we are going to try and speak up for them here!

Here is a list of the common children’s medicines and vitamins that contain Aspartame:

  • TYLENOL Children’s chewable tablets
  • TYLENOL Junior Strength, chewable tablets
  • PEDIACARE Cold-Allergy Tablets for Ages 6 to 12
  • PEDIACARE  Electrolytes Drink
  • CENTRUM Jr. Vitamins
  • MYLANTA Natural Fiber Supplement, Sugar-Free.
  • METAMUCIL, Sugar-Free
  • ALKA-SELTZER PLUS Night-time Cold Medicine
  • BUGS BUNNY Vitamin Products (ALL)
  • FLINTSTONES Plus Calcium Multivitamin Supplement (and other formulas)
  • DIMETAPP Cold and Allergy Chewable Tablets
  • HEALTH BALANCE Children’s Chewable Multivitamin
  • ZOO CHEWS Animal-Shaped Chewable Multivitamin
  • EQUATE Chewable Vitamins Animal-Shaped (with Iron)
  • MEIJER Circus Shapes Children’s Vitamins
  • ANIMAL SHAPES Chewable Vitamins ( several formulas)

I am not saying avoid these at all cost.
However, if you give any of these to your children, and they complain about any of the side effects above; please please assume they cannot have Aspartame. ( and switch them to something much better!)

I used to give my kids those flintstones vitamins. I grew up with it, why not them too, I thought. So one day, my daughter complains about an agonizing headache (she was 5 years old!) And I didnt think anything of it. Drink water honey, you’ll be alright. It never went away. Because, as a mom, the last place I would check for her headaches would be her vitamins. (and at the time, I didn’t know such a thing as Aspartame existed)
– Author of this article, Jamie Blankenship

5 Other Sources of Vitamins for Kids

4 Other Sources of Medicine for Kids

All Diets are not created the same.

Under the trade names EqualNutraSweet, and Canderel, aspartame is an ingredient in approximately 6,000 consumer foods and beverages sold worldwide, including (but not limited to) diet sodas and other soft drinks, instant breakfasts, breath mints, cereals, sugar-free chewing gum, cocoa mixes, frozen desserts, gelatin desserts, juices, laxatives, chewable vitamin supplements, milk drinks, pharmaceutical drugs and supplements, shake mixes, tabletop sweeteners, teas, instant coffees, topping mixes, wine coolers and yogurt. It is provided as a table condiment in some countries. Aspartame is less suitable for baking than other sweeteners, because it breaks down when heated and loses much of its sweetness

Cited From Wikipedia-

I wish I could give you a list of every single food with aspartame in it, But that would honestly be near impossible to find, and put together as the food industry is constantly growing. So I will just give you a bit of insight.

If you see these, run away, with your hands flailing like a scared teenager on halloween night.

(Just for shits and giggles, ya know?)

But really, anything labeled ‘Diet’ will likely have aspartame. Anything labeled sugar free, yep. It will contain that as well.
so here are a few foods to look out for, and if you suffer from any of the symptoms, especially reoccuring headaches, and you are consuming these. Please find another source! There is so much else you can replace with these beverages.

Where does Aspartame hide?

  • Diet soda
  • sugar free coffee creamer
  • sugar free condiments (ketchup, ranch, tabasco, etc.)
  • Sugar free drinks- crystal light (dont even get me started!) iced teas, coffee drinks, juices
  • Sugar free candy bars, cookies or crackers any type of snacks labeled ‘sugar free’
  • Sugar free gelatin
  • Yogurt- Yoplait (I haven’t found any in greek yet)
  • Chewing gum (Almost ALL gum has it)
  • Sugar free ice cream or popsicles
“And could I have a small diet soda please.”

Bottom line, if you are consuming ‘sugar free’ or ‘diet’ ANYTHING just check yourself. Look at your symptoms and check yourself.. ✔, Are you consuming any of these, I would suggest ridding aspartame from your diet.


😈 In the year 2012, I suffered from these ‘lightning bolt’ type headaches. It was so intense, I was puking every other hour of every day for like 10-15 days straight. I had to retire to the couch, and lay there, lights off, sound off, and almost screaming in pain, my head clutched in the fists of my hands. I had 2 toddlers at that time. And my husband was away in the military. I was in and out of the doctor’s office. Hospitals, I had EKGs and was on seratriptin medication. Along with some ‘strongest of the gods’ tension headache crap. But it didn’t work. I would be driving, and shooting pains down my skull. It felt like it was being shattered open. I always thought it was just a migraine, you know, from having 2 kids.. but it kept creeping in, and destroying me. One day, I took to figuring out what I was eating, it has got to be the food. I stopped eating. I stopped drinking anything but water. I sent my body into ‘reset’ mode. I slowly introduced everything back. Oh I was starving, but the headaches subsided. One day, I put my smoothie back into my morning habit. (just a regular strawberry smoothie, strawberries, whey protein, banana, water, and crystal light packet.)(got this recipe from the great Rocco DiSpirito) This was it. I was allergic to bananas, I told myself. Latex allergy, don’t believe me… Look it up (pops up in new window!)

So, avoiding bananas was the golden ticket… Just made the smoothie with no bananas. Lo and behold,… Yah, as you probably guessed, the frikken headaches still came. For years, I thought it was the damn bananas (Now kids, This is why we don’t self-diagnose!🤣) I finally found aspartame.The crystal light I was using. That itty bitty packet every morning. Shake it up, tear it off, pour it into the blender.. Yes. THIS was the devil 😈 that knocked my ass out, that kept me on the couch and puking for months.
I will never go back! I look at my ingredients before I buy. I will never order from a restaurant ‘sugar-free’, and I will never consume anything, either at someone’s house, a ball game or such that has the words “sugar-free”. I admit, I have an occasional piece of gum, and when I start getting a headache, I will stop chewing for a while. And this, THIS was the realization I had for my child’s vitamins. Thinking the shame, and horror I felt that she was nearly going through the same pains as I was, and as a mom couldn’t rid of it soon enough for her.

The Bottom Line

You cannot believe everything you read or hear about. Not even from me. (nope! I’m not the expert! the story is 100% accurate, I wish it weren’t) But, you CAN do your own research, and find products that will also help you out. Be aware of your body. And, if you keep experiencing migraines, or other side effects, go to the Dr. (because I am not one!)
But, I can spend countless hours of my time (like I have anything better to do!) To bring to your attention the facts I find. Not on some thousands of websites claiming they know aspartame is linked to cancer. (my condolences, if this was your diagnosis)
I am also not saying I don’t for a second condone anyone to continue to consume this crap, as my story clearly states.

Rather, I want YOU to find this out for yourself. Not read a statement and call it quits. So, listen to your body. It is always trying to tell you something! And, please seek some medical help if you are suffering from any of these symptoms anything.

If you want to add something, Please do! I’m all ears 👧 (or eyes, or whatever you want.. )(Hell, I am up for any type of input for you to me! )

Plus more to come, I working on alternatives to your diet caffeine fix, or red bull, energy drinks, coffee. Whatever you consume for energy really! Stay tuned!

The information included within this website including videos, handouts, blogs, podcasts and other resources is for educational purposes only. This site does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.
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