5 Sources of Caffeine you should know about

Caffeine sources
Many different ways to get your caffeine fix. What’s yours?

So, we all have our source of energy. Everybody needs to get their energy consumption from somewhere.

As a health connoisseur, I will tell you the BEST place to get energy is going to be from whole foods, fruits and veggies. (But this is not the place for those teachings).

However, as a realist, I know many of you are not on here to hear my motherly advice. (how many times have we been told and reprimanded this fun reminder to eat healthier? I mean we all know about this. But there is a reason that caffeine is a multibillion dollar industry.

But how about a friendly word of advice? I can give advice on what to look for in these caffeine pumping liquids! So lets go!

Cocaine, just as addictive
Not that caffeine is a comparison to cocaine, but it is the largest used drug in the world.
[trusted source]

5. Soda Pop

Rating: 1 out of 5.
Skip the Soda
Soda in any form, has no nutritional value for you

Call it; Pop, Soda, Soft Drink, Carbonated Beverage, or Coke. Whatever you call it; I have always said “soda Pop”

Soda, it’s something we have all consumed. and many continue to consume this like it’s refreshing water. 💦

That’s cool. But maybe I can persuade y’all to switch to a different caffeine energy source.

Soda ranks lowest on this list for a number of reasons. For one; Soda has ZERO nutritional value. Sure, it does have caffeine, but so much of it, for so little content. (because there is nothing in soda that your body actually NEEDS).
Secondly; if you switch to diet, zero sugar, or diet no sugar soda’s you are bound to get aspartame.

Those artificial sweeteners are the key to diet soda’s squeaky clean nutrition facts. Regular soda has real sugar, and with real sugar comes calories and carbohydrates. A single gram of sugar contains roughly one gram of carbohydrates and four calories. By avoiding sugar, diet soda avoids all of those calories and carbs that come with it.

CONCLUSION: Soda really adds no value to your body. If you need to continue to drink it for the taste, try adding a flavor to water. But try to seek out a different source for the caffeine fix.

4. Energy Drinks

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Red Bull
Red Bull Gives you wings.

These bad boys are not all created equal.
Now, I know that you have seen everything from high fructose, to aspartame to no calories, or carbs etc. But how do you dictate what is the healthiest energy drink to pick up?

You really don’t! If you are looking for flavor, go with what you like, looking for no calories? Go with bang, or one of those ‘no calories no carbs’.

Now, I will say, that every single energy drink out there will give you a crash, and pack on those unwanted pounds. They ALL have one thing in common; they have a crap-ton of sugar, or its counter-part.

Regular red bull list

Red Bull

With the sugar derivatives and sugar content, you are bound to pack on those extra pounds with this bad boy!

Sugar Free RedBull

Red Bull

This is a sugar-free label.

Aspartame is the number 8 ingredient on this list.

Not something you should truly be consuming, but if you do, try to switch over to a different source. Many other energy drinks offer the same ‘benefit’ but without aspartame.

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Monster label

Monster Energy Drink

I just want you to look at all the ingredients before you choose what drink to consume. This may be the best tasting. But, the sugar content is very high. You will definitely get your energy boost with these. But feeling with a huge crash afterwards.

Bang energy

Bang Energy Drink

There is a lot of controversy going around on these.
Sure, they have nearly 0% everything from carbs, to calories.
But, with their lawsuit against monster in early 2019, for their improper use of their ingredient label, it puts that 0% into a whole new perspective! Claiming that the “super creatine formula” is to make your workouts stronger and better.

[trusted source]

You can be the judge and decide for yourselves. Honestly, I would not suggest this form of energy drink simply because it has so much “added ingredients”

BANG label
A regular BANG energy drink label. with over 20 ingredients!

CONCLUSION: Energy drinks are alright, if you find one you like. Some do have creatine, taurine or other ingredients that aren’t as harmful to your body as soda. But, read the sugar-free labels carefully in order to avoid that aspartame ingredient.
And understand that any type you pick up will add unwanted pounds to your body.

3. Energy Supplements

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Energy supplements all promise the same things right?

  • No crash
  • High fat loss
  • No addiction to caffeine.
  • We have heard it all.

I have tried many different types of energy. As a mom of 2, having a full time job and trying to maintain the sanity of everyday life. I have, too, struggled with finding “what works”. And I know that Soda does not. I know that Energy drinks pack on unwanted pounds. And I also know that I cannot have coffee with out all the creamer and sweetner, that just adds to the ‘sugary’ addiction. The only 2 on my list that I can say personally work for me are: tea and amino energy.

Amino Energy

Amino Energy

This is my personal stock pile.
I feel crazy advocating health, and then consuming this on the daily.

But I am in no way affiliated with Optimum Nutrition. So I am not trying to sell these to you for my own personal gain.

Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiN.O. Energy – 30 ServingsSupports Nitric Oxide Synthesis with Natural Energizers & Antioxidants!

  • AMINO BLEND a perfectly blended mix of amino acids to aid in muscle recovery. (this also helps keep the weight off)
  • ENERGY BLEND With 100 Milligram of caffeine coming from green tea and/or green coffee extracts, very natural
  • There is Sucralose, and Cellulose which will pack those pounds, if you are not careful, and possibly an addiction.
  • Powder form lets you really control how much caffeine you are consuming.
  • If you take this, and then go for a 5 minute walk, or just do something for 5 minutes, the fat really doesn’t stick, and the aminos, truly melt it off.

💥More on different types of powders and supplements coming soon! 💥

CONCLUSION: Energy Supplements are great for you in moderation. Do your research before splurging on any of these!

2. Coffee

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Coffee is a great past time.

Coffee is a great choice for your caffeine fix! It can bring you close to your friends and family. Gather around on a nice cold day, with a fresh steaming hot cup of joe in your hands, warming you up, sounds cozy.

But let me clear up a few things. That coffee you get from your local coffee house with extra whip and full-fat, that latte and extra caramel is simply delicious; NOT GOOD FOR YOU!. Enjoy it, sure! But in moderation.

When we refer to coffee, we are talking black coffee. that super bitter stuff right from the pot! Now, add a touch of creamer, or heavy whipped cream! (It sure beats the energy drinks!)

So, coffee has so many benefits including;

  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B3
  • Manganese and potassium
  • Has been researched to show lower chances of getting type 2 diabetes.
  • And so much more..

[trusted source]

I love anything and everything sweet. So, I cannot stand black coffee. I want to put all that creamer and vanilla flavor into it! Just, go easy on it!

*just remember, if you order sugar free syrups from your local coffee house, you could very well be ordering a nice dose of aspartame.*

CONCLUSION: coffee is great for you! As long as you can keep it fairly simple, without adding a lot to your cup.

1. Tea

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Tea Time
Tea is super beneficial

Something that we associate with rich and famous maybe?
The british people?
Think: titanic, england, those “fancy pants” people that have nothing better to do than to offer “a spot of tea!”
No? Is it just me then… Alrighty.. 🙋‍♂️

Enough badgering the tea time.
As for me, I 💓tea! I will be rocking out to Metallica, playing South Park on the Xbox, having a spot of tea! Yep! That’s me in a frikken nutshell.
So, what makes tea so great?

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Green Tea
Green tea is satisfying and has many great side effects.

It has the most profound benefits. I am talking about ALL types of tea.

EXCEPT: that type that comes in the containers. Not the crap with the sugar already in it. already brewed.. If you drink that, which i’m sure some of you do!
Then, this is not the time to pat yourself on the back saying to yourself ,” yay I have the #1 spot.” (SMH!)🤦‍♀️
This is the time to try out those tea leaves, or packets.
(yogi is a great brand to start!) Even something cheaper. Whatever your fancy is! Make sure its “Green Tea!”


But the one with the most organic compound of caffeine intake would have to be green tea. and this is the tea Im talking about guys!

We hear it all the time right? Even in the Amino energy, it gets the caffeine source from green and black tea. You will hear people rave about how this melts the fat off, true or not. it definitely cannot hurt!
But here is the greatest thing of all:
it has unlimited flavors!

Flavoring green teas- variety

For K cup Green tea pods

For green tea.

Yes, and you can have cup after cup and not feel side effects. No crashing. No addictions. Why? Because it has no other ingredients. In most green tea, the ingredient is just- tea.

[trusted source]

CONCLUSION: Tea is amazing for you. Green tea is the best you can get! And you can’t go wrong here! Unless you are consuming sweetened tea. Then you should go back to #5! (kidding!) But you are seriously going to get the most out of consuming this type of caffeine.

So, I was addicted to red bull. And when I say addicted; I mean I would have one in the morning when I woke up, a 24oz at work, then an 8 oz after work. And, still sometimes even THAT wasn’t enough for me. I have been there, and I am one who really relies on my caffeine intake at times. And yes, I had every symptom of addiction. I knew I had to get rid of it. But I thought that my headache would only go away if i had that caffeine fix.

Now, when I feel like I am getting to that addiction point, I really slow it down. I will start taking less and less, and I will counter it with fruit. I know it’s not the same. But continuing the caffeine addiction wont get you far. Trust me. And it really packs on the pounds.


Are you addicted?

Ever find that you can’t get enough energy? Not enough caffeine. And when you get that “fix” you are good. Until you need the next? Yes, we are talking an addiction! If you suffer from this, I truly do suggest, you take a step back, and cut down a bit on your consumption.

The most common signs of caffeine addiction are:

  • headache
  • fatigue
  • trouble concentrating
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • depressed mood.

If you are addicted to caffeine, please consider going to get some help.

(And no, this blog does not serve as a source of help for your addiction, or any other side effects of consuming too much of anything!) As much as I can give out information, I cannot diagnose you or others!

Any addiction is not good. and caffeine is no different. Go see a Dr!

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