Top 10 Health Blogs to follow in 2020.

Welcome to my top 10 blogs for the upcoming year. I have shopped around a bit, looking for the best blogs in many different categories. And It is surprising how many are abandoned. It’s almost like you can feel the spiders crawling on their pages, and the moistness of the residue that has been left behind in a moldy site. With that being said, I … Continue reading Top 10 Health Blogs to follow in 2020.

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What makes you Click

We are exactly a month into launch, and I just want to know where you all stand on my information! With nearly 20 blogs have been created. I want YOUR insight!what is driving you to my profile, and what is sending you out the door? What drives you to other profiles?Let me know how I can continue to improve my blog and give you the … Continue reading What makes you Click