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Dark Chocolate: Are you getting the most out of it?

Not all Dark Chocolate is created equal. So, you are in the candy isle at the grocery store, and like a little kid, super excited to indulge in this dark chocolate everyone is raving about. So you pick the one that has it all! Maybe some carmel in the center, or a creamy ganache. You probably don’t even make it home before you rip the … Continue reading Dark Chocolate: Are you getting the most out of it?

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What makes you Click

We are exactly a month into launch, and I just want to know where you all stand on my information! With nearly 20 blogs have been created. I want YOUR insight!what is driving you to my profile, and what is sending you out the door? What drives you to other profiles?Let me know how I can continue to improve my blog and give you the … Continue reading What makes you Click

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Aspartame- the Devil’s poison.

In today’s topic, I want to take you down a road to what I believe has been made by the devil himself. I am talking about the artificial sweetener that has more hype than one should have. I’m talking about Aspartame. Have you ever had a grinding headache that wouldn’t subside? How about even waking up and gulping those Advil, Tylenol, or Excedrin to stop … Continue reading Aspartame- the Devil’s poison.

TACO TUESDAY. Taco Salad Recipe

Taco Tuesday! You are probably thinking about taco shells stuffed with beef, beans, rice, tomatoes, sour cream, and loaded with cheese on top! But here at Fitness Forecast, we have a different view on what Taco Tuesday means! We are talking Taco Salad, topped with crunchy chips, an easy guacamole recipe and sour cream. But this version is loaded with veggies galore! Now, dont get … Continue reading TACO TUESDAY. Taco Salad Recipe