Victory Points- at a loss
Victory Points for showing up!

Where the points are totally made-up, the excuses are gone, and you get to bypass the exercise barriers you have set for yourself.


Get it!

Do you have 5 minutes?

Well, I know you do since you have time to read this. 😉

So, let’s put 5 minutes into your routine. Just 5 minutes!

Have more than 5 minutes?

Great! ✔ Then add some victory points to your agenda and take more time to work out! (these are points really are completely pointless!)

My Personal Promise to You…

Victory Points- at a loss again
Victory Points… Still worth nothing!

Here at Fitness-Forecast we want to keep you engaged. And coming back for more! Constantly changing our materials, and updating our pages for an easier user friendly blog! Keeping you informed of the latest fitness trends. I will be posting all fitness blogs here, for easier access!

Shed Weight
Shed Weight

Lose Weight

Although I cannot guarantee the amount you will lose, I will supply the benefits, products and the recipes to get you onto a healthier weight loss. It’s up to you to decide how much work you want to put in to it though!

Got your back
Time Management

We got your back!

Life getting you so down that you can’t find time to work out? We will conquer that with small workouts you can do anytime!

Build Muscle
Gaining Weight?

Weights and Gains

Grow those muscles! And bulk up with our newest product research and blogs to help you succeed!

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Turn in your victory points!


Remember when I said these are pointless? That’s because I, personally, will not give you a damn thing for them!
However, you should track these. And turn them in for a great prize for yourself. Turn them in for a book, or coffee. Maybe you are working your ass off- for a new car or house? Any way you want, turn these in for a gift. From me to you 🥰, with love and dedication. Show me your progress!!

👇Tell me in the comments what you got yourself and how many you have! 👇