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Building a Butt.

Do any of y’all social media look like this? Girls getting big weight. Squatting it over and over again. Then complaining that they never see results? That’s because this doesn’t work! In other words, you cannot work out your abs and hope to see major biceps.( and you are probably sitting, staring at this page thinking “well no shit!” ) But I’m telling you, that … Continue reading Building a Butt.


Such an amazing Smoothie here. This will give you that power punch you want. It seriously takes about 5-7 minutes to make. And worth all the effort! If you dont have these ingredients, you should seriously go out now, and get them! They are all fairly cheap, (protein powder is a bit costly) but you wont regret this purchase. You can feel free to go … Continue reading KALE MONSTER SMOOTHIE