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Staying Fit and Healthy should be the main source of your life. But, when it takes up too much time to plan and maintain, it can get overwhelming, burdensome and confusing at what steps to take next. So, we have a moment of panic and self doubt, and start the unhealthy way of life all over again. But within the context of this website, you can find help to keep that motivation going, to be up to date in the “fitness and health world”.

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  • Just CBD
    ABOUT JUSTCBD JustCBD was founded on the basis that CBD is Mother Nature’s secret miracle. Looking around, we found that the CBD business was consistently misrepresented. At JustCBD, we believe that you have the right to know exactly what is inside your CBD products. It is our mission and promise to never misrepresent the content of our products. With the help of world-class labs to …
  • Weight Watchers
    Earn rewards for building healthy habits Introducing WellnessWins™, a one-of-a-kind rewards program that inspires and recognizes you for building healthy habits. Earn “Wins” and redeem them for exclusive products and experiences. WW Weight Watchersreimagined.  The name WW reflects that they are becoming the world’s partner in wellness. Weight Watchers will always be the global leader in weight loss, but now WW welcomes anyone who wants to …
  • Unlocking Your Hip Flexors
    Tight hips and your sex life… We’ve all experienced it before, that pain or achiness after sitting in a fixed position for a good portion of the day whether it’s from sitting in a stiff chair on a long distance flight, working on the computer all day or spending far too much time in the car. When it comes to sitting there is one thing …
  • The Lost Book Of Remedies
    A superfood tree has been quietly making its way into many American backyards. If you can spot this peaceful invader he’ll provide you with food (all parts are edible), water (it can purify it), more protein and calcium than milk, four times the iron of spinach and… a LOT more: The Tree That Every Prepper Should Grow in His Backyard I planted one in my …
  • Detox Tea- Apple Cider Vinegar
    Detoxing is nature’s way of hitting the reset button. -Mother Nature Reasons you May want to Detox Do you feel like crap sometimes? or even most of the time? Maybe like you are constantly fighting off a cold? If you do, or if you have any of these other symptoms, it may be time for you to detox. Feeling sluggish Feeling Bloated Having a hard …
  • 5 Sources of Caffeine you should know about
    So, we all have our source of energy. Everybody needs to get their energy consumption from somewhere. As a health connoisseur, I will tell you the BEST place to get energy is going to be from whole foods, fruits and veggies. (But this is not the place for those teachings). However, as a realist, I know many of you are not on here to hear …
  • Top 10 Health Blogs to follow in 2020.
    Welcome to my top 10 blogs for the upcoming year. I have shopped around a bit, looking for the best blogs in many different categories. And It is surprising how many are abandoned. It’s almost like you can feel the spiders crawling on their pages, and the moistness of the residue that has been left behind in a moldy site. With that being said, I …
  • Pink Lassie Smoothie
    Ingredients: 1/2 cup Cranberry Juice 1/2 frozen banana 4-5 frozen strawberries 1/4 cup plain 2% greek Yogurt Blend it all together and enjoy. This does make one serving, so of course if you want 2, just double the recipe! 💞 VARIATION OF PINK LASSIE: Ingredients: 1/2 cup Apple Juice 1/4 Cup frozen raspberries 5 medium frozen strawberries 1/4 cup plain 2% greek Yogurt. Great for …
  • Dark Chocolate: Are you getting the most out of it?
    Not all Dark Chocolate is created equal. So, you are in the candy isle at the grocery store, and like a little kid, super excited to indulge in this dark chocolate everyone is raving about. So you pick the one that has it all! Maybe some carmel in the center, or a creamy ganache. You probably don’t even make it home before you rip the …
  • Whey Protein 101: What Is It?
    Whey Protein is one of the most effective supplement in the world. It is one of the most researched supplements proven to lose weight, and also to gain weight. But how can one powder be so contradictory? We take a look into what makes Whey Protein so versatile and rich in nutrients that makes your body do everything you want it to, plus more! So …
  • What makes you Click
    We are exactly a month into launch, and I just want to know where you all stand on my information! With nearly 20 blogs have been created. I want YOUR insight!what is driving you to my profile, and what is sending you out the door? What drives you to other profiles?Let me know how I can continue to improve my blog and give you the …
  • Aspartame- the Devil’s poison.
    In today’s topic, I want to take you down a road to what I believe has been made by the devil himself. I am talking about the artificial sweetener that has more hype than one should have. I’m talking about Aspartame. Have you ever had a grinding headache that wouldn’t subside? How about even waking up and gulping those Advil, Tylenol, or Excedrin to stop …
  • TACO TUESDAY. Taco Salad Recipe
    Taco Tuesday! You are probably thinking about taco shells stuffed with beef, beans, rice, tomatoes, sour cream, and loaded with cheese on top! But here at Fitness Forecast, we have a different view on what Taco Tuesday means! We are talking Taco Salad, topped with crunchy chips, an easy guacamole recipe and sour cream. But this version is loaded with veggies galore! Now, dont get …
  • Fall: The Season of Change
    Today is the first day of Fall. And let me tell you, I can already smell the pumpkin spice lattes in the air! (I admit i have already enjoyed one this last week!) ☕ I love the leaves changing colors and the crisp air. 🍁 The air becomes crisp, the leaves change colors, the branches become bare. 🍁 And the days get shorter. The mornings …
  • Anxiety; The monster that lives inside us.
    Anxiety is such an extreme badass. It takes over your mind and body and literally makes you sick to your stomach. And if thats not bad enough, It comes in so many different forms, that its almost unrecognizable when it shows its ugly face. Do you ever feel like a prisoner to this powerful disease? Like it has taken control of your life, and your …
Jamie Being Healthy as Crap
Look at Jamie being all healthy! And you can too. With a little bit of work and dedication, you can totally be like Jamie and be all healthy and crap too!. So, who wants jump on board and be like Jamie?!

At Fitness Forecast, we will give you tips, advice, help, and opinions from ourselves as well as health professionals to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to live the healthiest life possible. (AND LETS NOT FORGET THE RECIPES!) because, who wants a healthy life without a jumbo massive cowboy burger? …(recipe coming soon)….

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